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News - April 12th - New art and working on Greenlight campaign

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    New art

    Since last update (January), I worked a lot to improve the art.
    I made a very complex system to procedurally enhance edges, using 3D detection, 2D ray tracing, contrast simulation and procedural textures.
    Long story short, the edges are now better defined, and there is some kind of Saint Seiya-esque cosmo flowing around the level.



    The main point of this work was to find a way to differentiate the game from other voxel / cube based games, such as Minecraft or Edge. I still intend to do a major graphics overhaul with a professional artist at some point.

    Greenlight Campaign

    I intend to launch a Greenlight Campaign on May. So I'm working on a professional trailer to show and explain how the game is working.
    Here are a few screenshots from the trailer(you can enlarge the picture by clicking on them):

    SEQ_01-one_million_nanomachines.png SEQ_03-04-Powered_DNA.png SEQ_08-Look_forward_wall-B.png
    SEQ_12-everything.png SEQ_15-Opening_Montage-D.png SEQ_17-execution_pause.png
    SEQ_21-editor.png SEQ_22-share_creations-A.png SEQ_23-galaxy_travelling.png

    On the audio part, it will be a discussion between a scientist and another guy, the same way a game like Metal Gear had people talking about technical stuff in order to explain how things work to the player.
    You will be glad to learn that I'm currently working with voice actors, so there should be no strong french accent at all in this trailer. :)

    If the game is accepted on Greenlight, I still have to see if I will make an Early Access as soon as possible, or wait a few months to release a complete game.
    In the case I'm not making an Early Access, should I keep a free public demo?

    If you have any comment about that, you can either answer to this thread or contact me by email (contact (at) godisacube (dot) com) or on Facebook.

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