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News - 2017 October 22nd - New levels preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. King_Kadelfek

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    Hello Cube Followers,

    It has been a long time since the last news. The development of the game is still going strong, and I'm getting closer to the end each day.
    Most of the work done those last months has been on designing the second half of the game, so here is a preview of the next levels!

    You will create multiple small robot cubes with their own AI:

    Color detection will be available:

    There will also be functions and variables, to get 50 new levels, for a total of 100 levels!


    That's a lof ot work to design those levels. It's especially hard because they become more and more complex, and yet they still have to be accessible. Here are a few pictures showing the workflow to design levels:

    2017_10_20-IRL_cubes.jpg 2017_10_20-IRL_building.jpg
    2017_10_20-IRL_notebook.jpg 2017_10_20-IRL_wood.jpg

    I'm still working on the art to make it look better:

    Also, the interface will be completely redone, with brand new icons and symbols for runes.

    Release date
    As soon as the 100 levels will be ready, I intend to release a new version. 100% of the game content will be there, but there will still be work to be done on the interface and the cutscenes / scenario.
    If you took the $10 reward, you were surely waiting for a final release back in September. So if you want to play the levels as they are, I will give you access to the Alpha with 100% of the gameplay. And if you prefer to wait for everything to be done, the final Steam release will be available in a few months.

    Price plan
    God is a Cube is a niche game, with a lot of content: 100 open-ended levels and a complete level editor, and a double-path system for complete replayability.
    I'm still wondering if the game will be sold on Steam at $10 or $15 (if you got the game at $10 on the site, you will still get your Steam key no matter what the final price will be).
    If you have any comment on the final price, feel free to write it there or on social media!

    Will there be an Early Access?
    The purpose of the mini-crowdfunding was to get a few dozen regular players who will playtest the first versions of each new chapter. I think that people who supported the game until now should always get the game first.
    Once everything seems ready (all levels, good looking interface, complete scenario) and the Alpha will be over, there will maybe be a short Beta test on Early Access, the same way Infinifactory made an Early Access to do the last tweeks on the game.

    On Imgur
    I also put the update on Imgur, feel free to share the link in a subreddit if you want to help God is a Cube!

    Thanks to everyone feedback, I'm sure the game is on the right tracks. Please continue to give your feedback on the small survey at the end of each level, it will be of the utmost importance for the next 50 levels!
    And see you soon for the next release. :D
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