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News - 2017 July 17th - The new Alpha "Sandbox Release" is available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Hello Cube Followers,
    The new Alpha "Sandbox Release" is available!
    It represents 5 months of work as it is the biggest release since the beginning of the project, with several new major features.

    Major Features
    There is now a true Sandbox Mode, to test everything you want:

    The Sandbox is coming with a Level Editor, to create functionning level, and it even comes with a debugger:
    2017_04_12-God_is_a_Cube-02h11m48s.png 2017_03_25-God_is_a_Cube-20h24m41s.png

    And finally, you can share your levels easily as picture cards:
    2017_05_17-Mozilla Firefox-11h25m20s.png

    Players who get the Advanced Features version will also have access to the Solutions Browser, to see every solution ever found for each level:

    The Advanced Features version will give you acess to the following options (see Options panel to activate them):
    • solutions browser: access the solutions browser, from the winning screen, or the playing interface after you finished a level
    • solutions browser direct access: get access to the solutions even if you didn't finish the level
    • level direct access: remove gameplay limitations and access any level as you wish from the Galaxy Map (or when you are playing a level, by using the arrow buttons around the title of the level)
    • campaign levels sandbox: edit any level of the campaign directly in the sandbox
    More Advanced Features will come in the next versions of the game. If there is any advanced feature you want to see in the game, you can talk about them in the comments.

    - Basic users
    Windows: just launch the game, and it should auto update.
    Linux and Mac: see below how to manually update.

    - Advanced Features users
    If you are playing the Linux or Mac version, or if you are an Advanced Features user, you will have to manually update your game.
    Connect to your Humble Account to get access to your purchase, and download the corresponding archive from the list. See the following link for more information:

    After you downloaded the archive, uncompress it into a new folder and launch the game!
    • for Mac users: as the application is not coming from the Apple Store, you will maybe get a warning. Just dismiss this warning, and if you can't dismiss it, you can CTRL+click on the application folder to force the launch.
    - Demo users
    If you want to play the demo, here are the links:
    Keeping your savefile
    If you played the previous version (v00.05.14.03, with the purple levels), your savefile will be automatically converted for the new version, and so you will keep your game progression.
    NOTE: you don't have to do those steps if you played the previous version of the game (with the purple levels).
    If you have any doubt, just launch the new version, skip the tutorial, and reach the galaxy map to see if the levels you completed previously are completed in this new version as well.

    If you played a very old version of the game (with brown levels) and want to keep your progress:
    1. go in your old version game folder
    2. go in the "giac_Data" folder
    3. copy the files "GiaC-Database.sqlite" and "Options.xml"
    4. go in your new version game folder
    5. go in the "giac_Data" folder
    6. paste the files "GiaC-Database.sqlite" and "Options.xml"

    Thanks for supporting the game!
    Your support is precious, as it helps a lot with daily expenses for the project.
    The mini-crowdfunding is still on, so if you have any friend who could like the game, please give him a link to the website!


    Or join the community on Facebook or Steam!
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