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News - 2015 May 03 - new version v00.05.00.09 "Carmine Dirt" - Nanomachines spawners, subcircuits

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, May 3, 2015.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Hello Cube Followers,

    The new version v00.05.00.09 "Carmine Dirt" is available! This is the update which allows you to create thousands of cubes.
    • infinite cube spawners
    • sub DNA circuits on the Map and in Cards
    • new runes
    • directed graphs to verify your circuits
    If you have not subscribe yet to the Alpha, you can still do it here.
    If you have at least the Salmon Dirt B (v00.05.00.07b) version with the new autopatcher, the game will be automatically updated. If you have the SQLite.dll bug, you have to download directly the new version of the game:

    Cube Spawners

    You now have the ability to generate an infinity of nanomachines, which will move accordingly to the DNA you wrote for them.

    Following a suggestion made by @Laxe829 in the Runes Suggestion Thread a new Rune to create cubes has been added to the game.
    Here is an example of what you can do thanks to this Create Cube Rune:

    A Rune "Delete Cube" has been added as well, to destroy terrain cubes.

    Here is a tutorial to learn how to make a bridge using a nanomachines spawner:

    The Blueprints to create these kind of structures are inside the Cards Folder (in the new archive). If your game is auto updated, you will have to download them manually in the Cards section of this release at the bottom of the page.

    New data system

    This month, I focused on the most deepest parts of the game, the data system, which I had entirely redone.
    Objects are no longer simple grids with numbers, now each active cube of the game is a complete 3D World containing its own worlds made of cubes... containing their own worlds made of cubes.

    Here are a few pictures to show you the concept:

    A small world inside a cube

    You will be able to put a lot of things inside those worlds

    A DNA inside another DNA

    Another representation of a DNA inside another DNA

    DNA inside DNA inside DNA... it can go really deep

    Those "DNA inside DNA" are called subcircuits. Here is a WIP video showing you how to use DNA subcircuits in the game:

    Later, you will be able to teleport yourself inside those subworlds to edit them from within.

    Cards containing cards
    I said all objects in the game can now contain other objects... so the cards as well can contain other cards!

    You can now export complex DNA circuits, containing existing cards.

    2015_05_03-GiaC-card-containing card.png

    Just remind to always have the required sub cards into your folder, or else the parent card will be automatically desactivated (you will get a pop up warning though).

    2015_05_03-GiaC-card-missing pop up warning.png

    Directed Graphs

    Now that the circuits can be incredibly complicated, here are a few new tools to help you to verify your circuits.
    Directed Graphs are created from your current circuit and display various informations.

    Here are some examples of Directed Graphs:

    2015_05_03-GiaC-Directed_graph-move circle.png

    2015_05_03-GiaC-Directed_Graph-DNA Train.png
    (click to zoom)

    Thanks to the directed graphs, you can check if a circuit is interpreted as you think it should be. Additional informations such as the position of the concerned cube can help you to follow the flow of the instructions.
    Directed Graphs are more of a pro tool, until there will be an ingame way to follow the flow of your circuit.

    To produce a Directed Graph, you have to go in the Save Load Menu:


    The produced Directed Graph will be in your "Export\Directed_Graphs" folder:



    God is a Cube uses the open source DOT format, so you can read these .dot files with a lot of external tools such as GraphViz or this online tool.

    Note: future versions of the game will have their own integrated Directed Graph exporter to avoid relying on third party tools.

    Minor changes
    • Save Load and Cards, the grid is unactivated for file save miniatures renders
    2015_05_03-GiaC-minor-Card without grid-640px.png

    • View Control, buttons, add tooltips

    • Cards, auto rename correctly png cards files at load
    • art, change Make Inert art
    • Card, Edit, Description, word wraping temporally desactivated because the word wraping is not taken into account during PNG creation (there will be a better solution)

    Bug Corrections

    • Creature, View, Correction : hide button Cube Globe instead of showing it
    • Camera, zoom, Correction : zooming at closest range stops at minimal value, rather than inversing the camera view
    • Inventory, Correction, BUG : using SHIFT + Click refreshes the stock item quantities, instead of keeping the same values

    Game Modes
    • Factory Mode, Correction : Creature and Rose are not added in the inventory
    • Creative Mode, Unlock GUI, Correction, BUG : can no longer use shortcut to launch a Menu and skip the Unlock GUI

    • Workshop, Card, Delete, Correction, BUG : the card file is deleted from disk instead of being just deleted from the Workshop
    • Workshop, Card, Edit, Correction, BUG : trash button is unavailable when no cards are selected, so no red error can be launched by clicking on the button
    • Save Load, Export Card, Correction, BUG : loading a Creature doesn't affect exporting card informations for the current level, instead of loading creature card informations for the exported card
    • Save Load, Correction, BUG : edit a map in 2D generate the correct miniature, instead of generating a miniature with only the cubes at the same place than the old cubes
    • Save Load, Correction, BUG : after displaying a pop up (such as "are you sure you want to overwrite this file"), it's possible to delete the file, instead of having no pop up showing to ask for confirmation of the deletion
    • Save Load, avoid illegal file name characters (\ / : * ? " < > |)
    • Map Parameters, Correction, BUG : change map dimensions when a cube is editing the map no longer launch red errors due to the cube trying to edit an outbound position
    • SQLite, Correction, BUG : data update works instead of doing nothing (cache should be slightly faster)
    • Server, Correction, BUG : the number version is precised instead of being forgotten

    Complete Patchlog

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  2. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Cards Section

    Here are the new cards for this version.
    Download the full size version of the PNG files and put them into your PNG Cards folder.

    King_Kadelfek-Bridge_3_c_wide_with_pillars-v00_00_00_00.png King_Kadelfek-Bridge_Part-v00_00_00_00.png King_Kadelfek-Brown_Plate-v00_00_00_00.png King_Kadelfek-DNA_Train-v00_00_00_00.png King_Kadelfek-Layer_Maker-v00_00_00_00.png King_Kadelfek-Move_Circle-v00_00_00_01.png King_Kadelfek-Move_Diagonally-v00_00_00_01.png King_Kadelfek-Move_Forward-v00_00_00_01.png King_Kadelfek-Small_House-v00_00_00_01.png King_Kadelfek-Spawner_Move_Forward-v00_00_00_00.png
  3. Luapix

    Luapix New Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    I downloaded the brand new experimental Linux version, but I am having the "DLLNotFoundException: sqlite3" exception. Do I have to have a sqlite3 package installed ?
  4. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    It's always hard to tell with external dependencies, because some people have them and others don't.
    Here is a new build where I added other references to sqlite3:
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/uhcjn82x9wyuppc/GiaC-AODNA-v00.05.00.09b-Linux-x86 64.7z

    Does it work for you?
  5. Luapix

    Luapix New Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    I still get the same error :/ Here is the error message :
    DllNotFoundException: sqlite3
    > SqliteDatabase.Open (System.String path) (at D:/Programmes/Unity/Projects/GiaC-Poto_02/Assets/Code/Libraries/SqliteDatabase.cs:179)
    SqliteDatabase.Open () (at D:/Programmes/Unity/Projects/GiaC-Poto_02/Assets/Code/Libraries/SqliteDatabase.cs:168)

    By the way, is D:/Programmes/... etc normal? Does Unity create a virtual file system?
    (PS : I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 on x64 laptop)
  6. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Then I will have to find more informations about how to include SQLite3 into the Linux build.
    Meanwhile I think you can do something like that (I copy pasted this from a tuto):
    sudo apt-get install sqlite3
    to have it working on your computer.
    But I will definitely have to correct it to work on all Linux computers.
    If you have a better way, please tell us about that, so other people can see it in the thread.

    By the way, here is more informations if you want to play the game in a bigger resolution:


    It's a development build, so there are more informations given. Such as the location of the files launching errors on the developer's computer, so it's easier for him to find the bug.

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