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News - 2015 March 03 - new version v00.05.00.06 "Cyan Dirt"

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Hello Cube Followers,

    The new version v00.05.00.06 "CyanDirt" is available!
    • a whole new Game Mode: the Factory Mode, to easily test your DNA solutions thanks to Laboratory sessions (look at the video)
    If you have not subscribe yet to the Alpha, you can still do it here.
    If you have at least the Green Dirt (v00.05.00.03) version with the autopatcher, the game will be automatically updated.
    You can also download directly the new version of the game right now:

    Videos and Screenshots

    The Factory Mode

    This is this version big update, a way to set up a lot of Alive Cubes on a Planet and load the same DNA inside at the same time.

    Controls - Laboratory Edition

    • Left Click : load DNA inside a cube
    • F5 : launch / stop execution
    • Tab : Switch between Laboratory Edition and DNA Edition
    • Clear Alive button : to reset all the cube alives with loaded DNA
    • Camera Controls (WASD / ZQSD / Arrows, Middle Click) : move camera

    Controls - DNA Edition

    • Tab : Switch between Laboratory Edition and DNA Edition
    The other controls are the same than for the Creative Mode. Please refer to the manual for more informations.

    Other Screenshots

    The "Snow Globe" system



    BUG Corrections

    - artifact correction, desactivate anti aliasing for qualities other than good

    - Hand, correction, BUG : can delete with right click even with the Hand is not selected

    - Save Load, 2D Edition, correction, BUG : display screen takes current modifications to the layer into account

    - Graphical Objects, correction, BUG : generated one time instead of two times to be faster


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  2. Sykodeus

    Sykodeus Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    I like it. :)
    The rotation key is great, the tab key as well. I had also forgotten about the RTS controls and they're indeed much better than the old one (Need to fix the middle click asap)

    There's my lame clock recorded with a lame framerate.

    Just one question, why isn't it possible to edit the layout of the factory ?
    I guess now I'm especially waiting for more runes to play with.
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  3. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    (Strangely, I got sometimes 403 errors trying to access your pic) (it works sometimes so I saw it)

    Looks nice. I'm still waiting for someone to make an infinite Goldberg machine. :)

    I think your clock system could be far bigger. :)
    Though the fact that cubes cannot go up is still a big limitation.

    Yes, it's a bit constrained for now.
    The purpose of the Laboratory session is to provide the exact same conditions, by adding constraints such as the interface. The purpose is to add more and more interfaces to provide other modes with higher levels of DNA creation. Up to the point no DNA edition will be needed (you will use only ready to made cubes).
    It will work like some kind of engineering machine: you put your piece of wood (your Planet / Snow Globe) at the entrance of the machine and you get your manufactured item at the exit of machine.

    But I still have to find an intermediary solution between Creative and Factory Mode to allow Laboratory modifications.
    Maybe something like this:

    Free edition of the Laboratory <-> Laboratory session (with blue rotation tool) <-> Free edition of the DNA

    This way, both Laboratory and DNA can be edited like static / time stopped entities, and there will be DNA loaded inside cubes (and execution) only in the laboratory session.

    I think the time stopped notion is really important, because it allows to prepare setups where everything can start at the same time.
    Maybe the "Laboratory Session" itself is just a way to call the time flowing state of the mode. Then you click on the stop button and time goes back to before you clicked on the play button.

    I intend to add a few more runes from the next runes topic. I will implement "Fix / Heal", "Inert" and a first version of "Give DNA".
    There are the runes I can add with the current behind the scene system.

    But first, my next step is to make a 2D DNA exporter, to create a 32x32 px tiles version of a DNA. I need it to write explanations for the manual and start promoting the game on some robotics forum.
    It will be fast to implement, it's an old classical for games like RPG Maker:
  4. Sykodeus

    Sykodeus Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Oh, it might be 403 because the .gif has been deleted. I'm using Recordit that allows fast screen recording, I figured it would delete your upload after some time, but did not think it would be this short.
    Yeah, I could probably make it bigger, but I think we lack the tools to do so.

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