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News - 2015 January 30 - [2 videos] Cubes eating Terrain

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    2015 January 30

    Detect Alive Cubes
    Thanks to a new Rune "Alive", cubes can now detect other Alive Cubes and react accordingly (such as avoiding them).

    I also modified the "Detect + Wall" behaviour, so a non moving Alive Cube is considered as a Wall.

    Eat Cubes
    I added a "Hurt" Rune, so Alive Cubes can hurt other cubes. For now, it works only on terrain cubes, but it will soon work on other Alive Cubes as well (Cubes fighting Cubes, yeah!).

    There will also be later an "Absorbing" Rune, so the cubes can absorb Energy from other cubes. And a "Rejuvenation" Rune, so cubes can use their Energy (or Energy they stole) to restore themselves.
    We will also need ways for a cube to detect its own Life level (Detector + Middle Direction + Life), as well as Gates to detect when the Life is below a certain Value (Gate + Inferior + Number).

    I'm still thinking about how numbers should be represented with cubes, so this part will come only in a few time.

    I added little corners to Alive Cubes to help to differentiate them to other cubes.


    Because Alive Cubes are using gravity and don't react the same way to a lot of tools, I think it's better to know when you have them in front of your mouse.
    I intend to improve graphics a lot, so you will have a paper flat design as a normal view, and a terrain with lines lines and cubes with corners as a "special view" with more details.

    Ergonomics improvments
    You can now see the DNA Software preview in the preview Window by selecting it. You can also edit it directly from here in 3D or 2D.


    I will find a way to add a tool tip to display the name of the DNA Software as well. There should be a button to save the DNA level or Card directly from here as well.

    Besides, DNA Softwares are now automatically updated when you edit their DNA (they are no longer deleted).
  2. Sykodeus

    Sykodeus Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Just a quick note for the latest devblog post, maybe you should rename the "alive" rune to "moving" rune.
  3. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    An Alive cube is not necessarily moving. Currently, an Alive Cube is a cube with DNA loaded inside, which is no longer attached to other cubes, so it can move, or fall due to gravity.

    The rune is showing a moving cube, so maybe it's not the best idea. There is also already a "Move" rune, to make the cubes move. I think that when there will be more runes, we will found definitive names (and appearances) for each of them.
  4. Sykodeus

    Sykodeus Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Oh okay. Yeah you are right.

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