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News 2015 December 07 - new version Alpha 12 - Galaxy Map, Dynamic tutorial

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Hello Cube Followers,

    The Alpha 12 (v00.05.12.00a) is available! This is the "accessibility update" which is ready to be played by anybody!
    • a 3D interface with a Galaxy full of Constellations to choose your levels
    • a better, simpler tutorial, with special panels and animations
    • 100% compatible Windows, Linux and Mac
    • french translation available
    If you have not subscribe yet to the Alpha, you can still do it here.
    If you have downloaded the windows version of the game, just launch it again and the game will be automatically updated.
    You can also download right now the new version of the game on the front page:

    Video update
    The following video will show you the most important changes made to the game.

    This release took me 3 months of work, mainly because of changes I had to make in the engine to better manage memory. But the results are here: the game can load and display more than 50 levels at the same time.

    New website
    There is a new website!
    With the new tutorial, the french translation and the 100% Windows / Linux / Mac compatibility, the game is finally ready enough to be played by anybody! That's why there are now direct downloads on the front page.
    True Alpha subscriptions are still open for anybody joining the forum.


    Now that God is a Cube is more accessible, you should really show the game to everybody. Send them the link of the site!

    Extended Trailer
    I put together the different videos I created to make an extended trailer (which is still WIP).
    If you had already seen the Opening video, you can skip to 1:20 to see the How To.

    When I will have the most advanced levels (the ones where you will build a city), I will make a new trailer, explaining what are nanomachines and why programming DNA is cool.

    Galaxy Map
    This is the biggest update of this release. It's a 3D interface with interactive elements, which acts as a Level Selection screen.


    The Galaxy System loads the 50 levels of the game in less than 2 seconds, and keeps them in cache for instant access. Working on this system allows me to dedicate a lot of time to Memory Management and resources consumption.
    I would like to run all the levels of a Constellation (10 to 20 levels) in real time, to have animated cubes moving all around.

    It was also a lot of work to make a working 3D interface. I had to scrap 2 other systems before reaching something easily understandable.
    I intend to have as many 3D interfaces as possible in the game, with animated cubes reacting to your inputs.


    The tutorial now revolves around the first level, rather than a later level.
    Besides, I added some kind of a Miss Tutorial which got some success. Her name is Cube Chan, and she is there to help you.


    Here are some fanarts of Cube Chan people made:

    03bc-God_is_a_Cube-Cube_Chan Fanart.png

    You can now skip the tutorial thanks to a Skip button, so please give the game another try if the previous tutorial discouraged you (especially now that there is Cube Chan to help):


    I got lot of feedback from people who wanted to skip easy levels to go directly to logical gates, so the tutorial takes that into account:


    Special Tutorial Panels
    I added special tutorial panels for levels with new notions, to better introduce them. Besides, lot of them are animated to better grasp how the mechanics are working.


    Linux and Mac compatibility
    I am now using a new library to manage the database, which has a 100% compatibility with Linux and Mac. I had to use lots of turn around to manage some cases (the library had some bugs), but in the end it works perfectly.


    If you were waiting for a stable release, you can now play the game on Linux or Mac:
    Download the latest Linux build
    Download the latest Mac build

    The game is now 100% translated into french. Other languages could follow later.


    If you see problems by playing the french version (untranslated sentences, cliped text), please tell me (you can take a screenshot by using the F12 key).

    Gameplay changes

    Spreading Runes

    It was a popular feature asked by many: you can now spread Runes by keeping the Mouse Left button pushed down.


    Other controls
    • you can use the Space key to launch and stop execution (F5 works too)
    • you can Right Click on Space to throw away a Rune you have in Hand


    Auto resize
    The GUI is now auto resized, so all windows will be bigger when playing in a resolution bigger than 640x480. The system is not 100% perfect, so there can be some blurred pixels.
    I still have the intention to completely redo the GUI with the help of an artist.

    There is a recurrent complain about the Toolbar being too far from the DNA, so I put it a bit more closer. It could surely be better done, so I'm taking suggestions (maybe puting the toolbar vertically at the right of the DNA?).


    Feedback Window
    You can now check an option and no longer be annoyed by the feedback window. Your honest feedback is still appreciated.


    Window Help commands
    I put a list of the most basic commands as a reminder.


    Icon Muted Sound with tooltip
    I think it will be easier to understand that there is no sound currently into the game by putting a muted sound icon, because ometimes people are thinking that there is a bug on their configuration.
    Though, the first track of the game will be soon completed.


    Loading Screen
    I made a loading screen system. The art should be improved, and the system already manages a progress bar.


    Real checkboxes
    Checkboxes now features a "check" icon, looking more like checkboxes. Besides, people with color blindness will be able to see that the check box is checked.


    Level Navigation
    Now that there is a proper level selection interface (the Galaxy) with separated sets of levels, I removed the buttons to navigate between levels. Feedback statistics showed that it was almost never used (it's good that you didn't try to cheat).


    Hiding initial directions
    The first Constellation "Directions" no longer has the blue arrow showing the initial direction of the cube. It was both useless and confusing for this first set of levels.


    Minor changes
    • Lot of Runes descriptions and some names have been changed, to give better explanations on how to use them
    • Loosing Window, new art more neutral
    • Faster loading thanks to level cards informations stored into the database cache
    • the Quality Settings have been reduced to 3 options: Fast, Good and Fantastic
    • the Game Default Quality Setting has been set to Good

    Levels Modifications

    New Level Moving Down

    To better grap the Move Down Rune, a new level has been added and the order of the levels has changed.


    Other level modifications
    • Level 10 - Falling Right, new design and description to help to understand how to jump down
    • Level 18 - A Monolith, Move Runes deleted to avoid confusion
    • Level 23 - Old Columns, some useless runes removed to avoid confusion
    • Level 24 - Old Screen, part of the terrain deleted to forbid simple solution

    Glitch Corrections
    • during Winning animation, DNA tooltips are invisible instead of being visible
    • on Winning screen, Hitogramme, small values are entirely highlighted
    • after the Tutorial, DNA Tooltips are correctly displayed, instead of staying invisible

    Complete Patchlog
    GiaC-AODNA-v00.05.12.00a - Charoite Dirt A - 2015 December 04
    • website v3, work
    • Excel stats
    • Trailer Gameplay, steps 1 to 7
    • Trailer Gameplay, pixel corrections
    • Trailer Gameplay, video encoding tests
    • Trailer Game, 11 levels, filmed, corrected and exported
    • Trailer Gameplay, montage, steps 1 to 3
    • Trailer Game, Space Pyramide, large version from small PNG
    • Trailer Gameplay, montage, steps 4 to 6
    • Trailer Howto, v1.1
    • Trailer Game, v1.0
    • Trailer Long, v1.0
    • DNA Mode, Tutorial, skip
    • DNA Mode, Tutorial, Server, send informations: start, finish, skip
    • DNA Mode, GLITCH, Correction : after the Tutorial, DNA Tooltip are correctly displayed, instead of staying invisible
    • Runes, Description, remove "brown" references
    • Translator, put a basic #000 ID number to all strings
    • Translator, display strings without ID
    • SQLite, custom version without SQLite3 dependencies
    • DNA Mode, Rank GUI, to choose the starting level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)
    • SQLite, Card, send
    • SQLite, Card, get : pictures take too much room (database goes from 0.04 Mo to 27 Mo) and take too long to be converted
    • SQLite, Card, stock all informations except picture
    • Loading, faster thanks to cards informations into SQLite
    • Loading, preload GUI pictures
    • Loading, preload card hierarchy and save new cards
    • SQLite, tests on vacuum to delete unused data
    • use new manager for confidential data
    • Level 10 - Falling Right, new design and description to help to understand how to jump down
    • SQLite, migration to v00.05.12.00, work
    • SQLite, migration to v00.05.12.00
    • SQLite, solutions stored with system version apart
    • Histogramme, GLITCH, Correction : small values are entirely highlighted
    • SQLite, virtual data base in memory for webplayer, search
    • SQLiteKit integration (credit OrangeTree)
    • SQLite, replace Mono.SQLite by SQLiteKit, work
    • SQLite, Cards, OPTIMIZATION : one SQL request, goes from 1.52s to 0.13s (91.5 % of gain)
    • SQLite, export into SQL string
    • SQLite, import SQL string with separated strings (import the whole sql script is too slow due to substrings abuses by csharp-sqlite)
    • SQLite, virtual memory filling with sql string
    • SQLite, working database in Webplayer : complete loading, an edit and a complete saving in 0.65s
    • Website Puzzle, integrate feedback : borders for square pictures, better menu, "Who am I" section
    • CSV Reader & Writer, implementation (credit : Jonathan Wood http://www.blackbeltcoder.com/Articles/files/reading-and-writing-csv-files-in-c )
    • Translator, sentences extraction
    • Translator, numbering files
    • Translator, get text with data from csv
    • SQLite, replace all references of Mono.Data.SQLite by Community.CsharpSqlite
    • Site, social media icons
    • Site, last corrections
    • Web Player, SQLite, write database to resource
    • Web Player, SQLite, read database to resource
    • Web Player, SQLite, read database from Player Prefs
    • Options, v00.05.12.00 with language code
    • Options, automatic transitions
    • Translator, get cards texts
    • Card loading, use File Manager to manage disc access rather than directly doing it
    • Encoding characters, tests for file access
    • Encoding Characters, access files with accents in path
    • Web Player, almost entirely working build
    • Web Player, save database
    • Web Player, virtual Options file
    • Web Player, working online build
    • Translator, language choosing screen
    • build tests
    • Physical Levels Selection, design on SketchUp
    • Tutorial, scenario
    • R&D, load gif
    • Html_Picture_GIF, work
    • Tutorial, Panels, code refactory to use classes, work
    • Html_Picture_GIF
    • Tutorial, Panels, code refactory to use classes
    • Cube Chan, integration
    • Camera, perfect display for a 3D item on part of the screen
    • Camera zoom, pixel perfect sized part of the screen
    • Camera zoom, manage more cases
    • Tutorial
    • Tutorial, holes, sort to avoid greedy lines generation problems
    • Tutorial, answer buttons gifs
    • GUI, auto resize system
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Galaxy and Constellations
    • Draw Calls reducing, R&D
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Steps structure
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Cublanet, custom network and order
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Cublanet, center alignment
    • DNA Mode, bigger scale to display little shadows
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Cublanet, Histogram, download level results
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Cublanet, Histogram, auto replacement
    • Game, Default quality, set to Good
    • SQLite, Level Results, send, version url
    • SQLite, Table Version, send, version url
    • SQLite, Cards, send, version url
    • SQLite, Level Feedbacks, send, version url
    • SQLite, auto update, version modification
    • Server, harmonisation
    • scenario ARPG, work
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, big paths between constellations
    • Shaders, tests
    • Draw Call, tests
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Cublanet Cache : from 0.294s to 0.026s (91% gain)
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, Path Cache : from 1.403s to 0.001026s (99.92% gain)
    • DNA Mode, Memory Management, tests : 611616 (initial) to 840180 (full galaxy) to 616664 (new initial), 2.2% Memory Leak
    • Quality settings, reduce options to Fast, Good and Fantastic
    • Runes, change Brown Gate and White Gate descriptions
    • Shortcut Space key to launch and stop execution (F5 works too)
    • Cublanet, information panel, Histogramme, work
    • Animated Gif, loading
    • Level Save refactored into Level Save Exit, to treat only exit count for each level
    • Level Save, to get saved informations for any level
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, access last save informations
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, detect levels completed in another version
    • Level Selection, Constellation, generate blank
    • Level Selection, Constellation, detect mouse hover
    • Level Selection, Constellation, detect mouse click
    • Level Selection, Constellation, generate plane below
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, detect mouse hover
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, detect mouse click
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, generate plane
    • VBO Memory Leak, correct
    • Cube Node, link to level
    • Constellation, links to Cube Nodes
    • Shader Monochrome
    • Cublanet, activate and unactivate monochrome
    • Editor, on quit, clear Card cache
    • Level Selection, paths, better cache management
    • Level Selection, Steps, refactor code
    • Level Selection, Animation system
    • Level Selection, Animation, Level Unlock, work
    • Level Selection, Animation, Level Unlock, work
    • Level Selection, Animation, Level Goldify, work
    • Level Selection, Animation, Level Enter
    • Winning Pre, toolbar, GLITCH, Correction : DNA tooltips are invisible instead of being visible
    • Level Selection, Animation, Level Unlock
    • Level Selection, Animation, Level Goldify
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, exit priorities
    • Tutorial, Film, game mode
    • Tutorial, Film, commands
    • Tutorial, Film, scene setup
    • Memory Management
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, physical Play Button
    • Level Selection, Enter Cublanet, Animation
    • Draw Calls reducing, tests
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, new appearance
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, cube win
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, animation goldify
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, animation next level transition
    • music, mail
    • Tutorial, linking
    • Level Selection, Cublanet, animation next level transition, finished
    • Tutorial Panels, system
    • Video WIP, galaxy map and Tutorial Panels with Cube Chan
    • Toolbar, closer to DNA
    • Winning Level GUI, top sprite, auto resize
    • Feedback Window, checkbox avoid
    • Losing Window, auto size
    • Tutorial Panels, Player Kind
    • Window Help commands
    • Menu Start GUI, blue font on campaign
    • Icon Muted Sound with tooltip
    • DNA Mode, Loading Screen system
    • GUI, real checkbox
    • GUI, Move Rune, icon below Mouse, auto size
    • DNA Mode, Level Navigation, remove buttons previous level and next level
    • DNA Mode, Tutorial, work
    • Html Gif, texture tileset to avoid lag when loading hundreds of separate small pictures
    • Gif Tileset, tuto cube fall
    • DNA Mode, Tutorial, Panels galaxy
    • DNA Mode, right click on Space throws away a Rune in Hand
    • DNA Mode, rune spreading
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, monochrome levels use same material
    • DNA Mode, Level Selection, lockeck cublanets, hide play button
    • Tutorial, art, player kind, button beginner
    • Tutorial, art, player kind, button intermediate
    • Tutorial, art, player kind, button expert
    • Database conversion, R&D
    • Art, Loading Screen
    • DNA Mode, first play, launch tutorial
    • Constellation Direction, Divine Cube, hide direction
    • Gif Tileset, tuto cube edge
    • Tutorial, art, DNA single
    • Tutorial, art, DNA single
    • Tutorial, art, DNA intro
    • Level Selection, Back Button
    • Translator, extract and number all code
    • Translator, manage accentued characters
    • Level 23 - Old Columns, remove useless runes
    • Level 24 - Old Screen, delete part of the terrain to forbid simple solution
    • Level 18 - A Monolith, delete Move Runes to avoid confusion
    • DNA Mode, Window Tip, auto resize when text is too big
    • Traduction du jeu
    • Tutorial, Art, relative directions
    • Tutorial, Art, cube creation
    • Tutorial, Art, low level cubes with Runes informations
    • Loosing, change art
    • Constellation Central, general game completion
    • Level Selection, translate constellation names
    • Translator, read CSV, convert Line returns
    • Translator, read CSV, avoir Line return r with blank space
    • Translator, read CSV, convert guillemets
    • build
    • release v00.05.12.00a
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