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Bug Catalog

Discussion in 'Age of DNA - Bug reporting' started by King_Kadelfek, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Here is the list of all bugs found, with their workaround (when available) and their current status.
    I will add more bugs here as people report them.
    Please create a new thread when you find a bug, so everyone can see it easily.


    Description: Create a DNA without an Input part, load it inside a cube, launch a red error ArgumentOutOfRangeException.
    Work around: don't forget Input part when you create DNA.
    Screens : see here
    Status: corrected for Alpha

    Description: A crafted DNA Software does not appear in the Toolbar if the crafting is finished when the Inventory window is unactive.
    Workaround: display the Inventory window (F1 or I) and the DNA Software will appear.
    Status: corrected for Alpha

    Description: An activated card become sometimes inactive after modifying the corresponding level.
    Workaround: Go back in the Workshop and activate the Card again.
    Status: corrected for Alpha

    Description: Old DNA Softwares are still connected to no longer existing cards, causing confusion when crafting new Softwares.
    Workaround: Remove all DNA Softwares from the toolbar before creating a new one. DNA Softwares put into the Toolbar are always new ones.
    Note: the actual fix is to delete DNA Softwares no longer connected to an existing Card.
    Status: corrected for Alpha

    Description: Move a DNA Softwares to the Backpack or the Toolbar can fuse it with another stack of DNA Software when they have the same name, even if they are different.
    Workaround: Make Cards with different names to have different versions of a Software.
    Note: see AODNA-B0011
    Status: delayed

    2D Edition

    Description: Saving / loading during 2D Edition save / load only one layer.
    Work around: Switch back to 3D Edition before saving / loading.
    Status: corrected for Alpha

    Description: Switching to 2D Edition kills Alive Cubes.
    Work around: /
    Status: delayed

    Explanations: Currently, the 2D edition replaces the 3D content with a single 2D layer, instead of being just a display mode. It will be later corrected, so switching between 2D and 3D doesn't affect the datas.
    Bugs concerned: AODNA-B0001 and AODNA-B0002.

    3D Edition

    Description: Turning the camera with the right click teleports the view.
    Workaround: /
    Status: delayed

    Description: Turning the camera with the right click moves strangely below a planet.
    Workaround: /
    Status: delayed

    Description: Move and Resize a planet delete a part of it.
    Workaround: /
    Status: corrected for Alpha


    Description: Moving the mouse over inactive Text Boxes (behind a popup) makes them react.
    Work around: /
    Status: delayed

    PNG Cards

    Description: Loading a Card doesn't work after editing it in an image editing software, due to gamma informations into the file.
    Work around: Save the file without gamma informations. Some softwares can do it (Gimp), others cannot (Paint, PaintdotNet) (status unknown for Photoshop). See illustration.
    Status: delayed

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
  2. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    - BUG correction, AODNA-B0001: we can now save and load entire levels from 2D edition

  3. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    - new bug listed, AODNA-B0008

  4. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Several new bugs reported, mostly linked to DNA Cards (refresh problems, old data confusion, etc).

    Several of these problems are corrected for the next Alpha (v00.05.00.02), which will be released soon. I will then tell everybody on the social medias that the Alpha is available (for now, only Alpha Members know about this).

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