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News - 2018 July 21 - new version with more than 45 fixes

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Hello Cube Followers,
    This is the big fix following the July 1st release. :)

    One major bug has been finally fixed, it was the only game breaking bug people could encounter during a complete walkthrough.
    Thanks again to AlphaGame_, who streamed the game during 10 hours and giving me his feedback on everything he saw! :D
    Thanks also to TodesBrot, who reported several problems. ;)

    You can download the new version of the game in your Humble Account:
    Note : you can unzip the game in a new folder, and your progress will be transferred automatically (your save is not in the previous game folder, you can delete the old game folder).

    - Galaxy Map, finishing a level with an incomplete orange solution was generating red errors when going to the next level on the Galaxy Map (thanks AlphaGame_)
    - Step by Step Execution, parallel execution between complete move (such as Move Forward) and combined instructions (such as Rotate + Right) is now giving the correct execution numbers
    - Options, shortcut, assigning an already assigned shortcut was displaying wrong keys
    - Options, shortcut, sandbox, rotate left and right, affecting a new shortcut now works

    - change language, the protip and the level title are now refreshed with the new language
    - change language, all tutorial panels are now refreshed with the new language
    - cutscene, the translated french texts are now displayed
    - cutscene, Chapter 2 Gold, the scene is now looping seamlessly
    - cutscene, Chapter 3 Gold, the Divine Cube is now moving at the right speed
    - cutscene, introduction, before the city appears, the last missing cube is added
    - cutscene, introduction, towards the end end, the broken divine cube is now displayed without lines on its surface
    - the solutions histogram on both Winning Screen and Solutions Browser were staying the same size when playing with HD settings
    - when starting a new installation of the game, the language set is automatically taken from the database (instead of being reset to english by default)
    - Shortcut, Input Window to set new shortcut now has the correct appearance
    - sound button and grid button are now using the correct icon after resizing the screen
    - tooltip, "usage" word is now correctly sized depending on the game resolution
    - Galaxy Map, during camera transitions the left down back button is now invisible
    - sandbox, when using items with orientation (such as Divine Cube), the arrow is now correctly displayed
    - sandbox, after winning or losing a level and going back automatically to editing, the toolbar's empty cells are now accessible
    - tutorial create servant direction, now has blue arrow on the Servants as intended

    - typo EN, "Orange: incomplet solution" is corrected to "Orange: incomplete solution" (thanks TodesBrot)
    - typo FR, "Autheur" is corrected to "Auteur"

    Gameplay minor
    - AlphaGame_ and TodesBrot have been added to the nanomachines roster
    - New Rune, Rotate Relative Down
    - Winning Screen, when quitting solution browser, you are sent back to Winning Screen
    - end chapter cutscenes, automatically displays second cutscene if unlocked
    - Completion Cutscene, now ends with last cube instead of waiting the maximum amount of time when a chapter is not completed
    - Rune link, now has a better description ("to fill an empty space") and examples
    - by popular demand, there will be a "play with borderless window" in the Steam options

    Level corrections
    - level 29 Half Full Cube, rotate direction replaced by turn relative down

    - level order, level 78 The Future (with 4 bridges) is now the level 74
    - level order, level 45 The 9th Spirale (with the spirale) is now the level 44

    - level 46 There Was A Battleship, lesser difficulty with more starting runes
    - level 70 Another Promise (the pyramid with red and green variables), lesser difficulty with more starting runes
    - level 50 Tower of Mantra, lesser difficulty with more starting runes

    - level 26 Parkour, better path visualization, with another star on wall

    - level 87 Climbing the Stairs, slight modification so the dark solution is the one intended

    - mains buttons now have specific graphics to react to mouse clicks
    - shortcuts are now specified in the tooltip
    - buttons automatically bigger to hold french text such as "effacer sauvegarde", "liste des niveaux" and "niveau suivant"
    - Options, language, full words instead of 2 letters id
    - language selection screen is displayed before title scene
    - Options, resolution, can now click on scrollbar
    - Detector Rune no longer talks about Alive Cubes
    - Galaxy Map, game percentage is now displayed with only one number after the decimal separator and rounded to the value below (in order to be harmonized with other displays)

    - at first launch, the game starts with high quality setting instead of the lower settings (thanks TodesBrot)
  2. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Quick fixes:
    - the new Rune Rotate Relative Down had wrong icon after first launch
    - automatic size for buttons have been corrected for HD resolutions
    - the Rune tooltips had a word cut out
    - on chapter 10, the building miniature now has tooltips for the plus and minus buttons
    - Completion Cutscene now has dark button and gold-dark buttons visible when dark levels are 100% completed
    - gif solutions for modified levels have been added to replace the older versions

    As usual, you can download the new version of the game in your Humble Account (just unzip the archive in a new folder, your progress will be automatically transferred):

    This should be the last version before the Steam Early Access release (in September), if there is no urgent fix to do.
    I will now focus on communication material (gifs, pictures) and updating various social media content.

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