1. A new version of the Alpha has been released! (July 1st)
    50 new levels for a total of 100, new art, cutscenes and much more. Download the new Alpha now!

News - 2018 July 01 - new version with 100 levels

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    So the new version is now available! It has been a long time since the last update, and the game is now more than two times bigger with 100 levels!

    New Art
    The art has been completely reworked so everything looks better: the levels, the user interface and so on.



    50 new Levels
    Now you have 50 more levels, with 5 new chapters, for a total of 100 levels!

    The new chapters include:
    - Color Detection (with a colorblind mode):

    - Functions:

    - Building with nanomachines:

    - Variables:

    And even more to discover!
    Besides, there is even more ingame tutorials for a smoother experience. :)

    20 mini cutscenes
    The story is told through infinite looping scenes:
    The ending cutscenes will explain what happened through the story (they will come in a later update).

    Get the new version through your Humble Account.
    See here for more information:
    Please note that the ingame auto-updater no longer works, as it will be replaced soon by the Steam update system. Your game progress will still be automatically transferred through each new version.

    During your playthrough, please rate the new levels with the ingame form, as it really helps to fix any difficulty or design issue!

    What next?
    I'm currently working on updating the trailer and the website, as well as setting up the Steam page. The Steam page should be available towards the end of July, and the Early Access should be available in September.
    I'm aware I'm far behind the announced schedule and sometimes I don't post news for a long time, so don't hesitate to ask me anytime how things are going, I will always reply to you!

    mkruzik (at) godisacube (dot) com
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  2. juh9870

    juh9870 New Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Wow, i thought this game is ded, but then i got an Email about update and I was like "Wow, It's aliive!"
    I'm very happy to see that this game is not abandoned, you are doing great job!
  3. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Yeah, I didn't communicate a lot as I was overwhelmed by the never ending task list, but now things are looking far much better! :)

    I think people will be interested to know what I did since October (when I started to show new levels), so here are the main features I worked on each month:
    - November: custom shortcuts, Galaxy Map improvements to go from 50 levels to 100
    - December: Level Editor and data modifications to manage new levels' features
    - January: learning how to do art for the new interface, multiple resolutions management
    - February: tutorial panels (around 50 panels for a ten tutorials)
    - March: cutscenes, gif encoding
    - April: cutscenes (again)
    - May: tutorial animations, lot of debugging
    - June: completion scene, lot of small additions

    The game features far much more content than initially planned (around 1 year of full time work I would say) and I underestimated the development time of absolutely everything. Hopefully people didn't come after me for being late, and seem to be glad the game keeps all its promises. :D

    EDIT : @juh9870
    The server tells me it failed to send you an email to your ukr.net address. You can contact me at contact (at) godisacube (dot) com if you have problem with your account.
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