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News - 2015 May 26 - Subspaces, Geekopolis event

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, May 26, 2015.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    I am working more and more on the subspaces system, to make planets inside planets:


    It will be used both for the Inception System (teleporting in worlds inside Snow Globes) and to store datas.

    By example, this is the card which will be used for the first level of the campaign:

    Here is the level itself, the premade DNA, and the available items

    The level itself will be a cube next to other cubes on the Campaign Card, with all cubes-levels linked by crystal cubes.
    You can see it like some kind of Super Mario Bros 3 world map, where each level ("1", "2") is a 3D cube you can enter in.

    Creation by Nes--still-the-best / Justin Buonvino

    I just spent 2 days at Geekopolis, a medium size french event around geek culture (15K visitors in 2014). Lots of stands, not too much people so it was easy to walk.
    I talked about my game to many people (indie and pro devs), and everybody liked it: "genius idea", "you are crazy", "are you autist?" etc. Got a lot of business cards, and potential future partners.
    Like each time, I met IRL for the first time people I knew for more than 10 years online. Some of them did very great things meanwhile.

    I didn't make photos / selfies, partially because I think there should be "less face time, more development time".
    But you are surely expecting cuties photos, so here are a few pictures made by other people:

    Nicolas Meunier - Albator.jpg
    Photo by Nicolas Meunier

    2015_05_26-Geekopolis 2015 - Samedi _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!-15h13m41s.png
    Photos by Studio68 (more here)

    Photos by Meltybuzz (more here)

    The next french big event will be the Japan Expo (July 2015). Meanwhile, I will attend as a visitor Pitch My Game (a pro event where devs show their games) and the Web Game Conference (another pro event).
    I will slowly start to do business meetings, now that I know around 10 companies interested to do something with God is a Cube.

    I'm still not contacting the press / Youtubers, I think I will wait to have at least a real game mode.

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