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News - 2015 March 31 - new version v00.05.00.07 "Salmon Dirt"

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Hello Cube Followers,

    The new version v00.05.00.07 "Salmon Dirt" is available! This is the biggest update since the beginning of the Alpha, with lot of suggestions from players implemented.
    • use items directly from the inventory to the map
    • new Tool, the Tweezers, to move and copy paste whole selections of cubes
    • cubes can walk on walls and roofs
    • new Runes, to transfer a cube's DNA into another cube or make it inert
    • connect several directions to a rune, such as Front + Front to detect 2 cells forward
    • export DNA into 2D schemas
    If you have not subscribe yet to the Alpha, you can still do it here.
    If you have at least the Green Dirt (v00.05.00.03) version with the autopatcher, the game will be automatically updated.
    You can also download directly the new version of the game right now:

    New Tools

    Stocks Window
    You can now use items directly from the inventory to the map! And there are now Tweezers to move whole selection of cubes!
    Look at the video to see these features in action:

    Following a thread started by James_Russles, using items from the inventory was one of the most wanted feature. So now, you have a small window at the left of the screen to easily pick up items.
    You can also size up or size down the window as you wish.



    The Hand has been replaced by the Tweezers. The Hand was designed to take several items at the time and put them in a queue (like the Hand from Dungeon Keeper), and it was creating confusion with other behaviours such as copy pasting.
    The Tweezers take one thing at the time, but can take up whole selections.


    Tweezers controls - 3D Edition:
    - Left Click Up (empty) : take a cube
    - Left Click Up (with a cube) : drop the cube
    - Left Click Up + CTRL (empty) : take a clone of the cube
    - Left Click Up + CTRL (with a cube) : drop a clone of the cube

    Tweezers controls - 2D Edition:
    - Left Click Down & Up (empty) : take a selection of cubes
    - Left Click Down (with a selection) : drop the selection
    - Left Click Down & Up + CTRL (empty) : take a clone of the selection of cubes
    - Left Click Down + CTRL (with a selection) : drop a clone of the selection of cubes

    I still don't know if we should be able to take whole selections in 3D. I tested various 3D editing softwares (such as the not so good MCEdit 1.x), and it is always a bit clunky.
    The one from Castle Story is good, but a bit complicated.

    What do you think about that? Do you think we should have 3D selection with the Tweezers?

    New Runes

    The way gravity is handled has been changed, so cubes can walk on walls and roofs as long as the specified direction is possible.

    And here is a video where you can see DNA moving from cube to cube, which opens a lot of new possibilities:

    Following the thread about What should be the next runes, new Runes and behaviours have been implemented:

    Make Inert, Change Referer, Rotate Referer, Rotate Direction and Change Direction
    • Rune Make Inert, to transform an Alive Cube into a Terrain Cube
    • Rune Change Referer and Rotate Referer, to change the referer of the Cube
    • Rune Rotate Direction, so the cube can pivote to a new direction
    • Rune Give DNA, to transform the actual cube into a Terrain Cube (same effect as Make Inert) and transfer the DNA into another Terrain Cube
    Besides, Runes such as Detector and Hurt can be connected to several directions and his directions (Hurt + His Front + His Front, Hurt + Front + Left, Hurt + His Front + Down, etc):


    There are now more ingame informations to know which Rune can be connected to which Rune:


    In order to give another referer to your cube, use the T Key to change the referer of the linked Arrow:


    You can still use the R Key to rotate the direction, no matter what the referer is.

    The whole behaviour of cubes related to gravity has been changed. If you see any bug, please report it.

    If you have ideas for the game, don't hesitate to create a new thread in the Suggestions Section:
    Your proposals could become part of he game too! :D

    Informations updates

    If you haven't seen it, the Manual has been updated with new pictures and informations, and a small tutorial.

    One of the new explanation pictures

    World axis and cube relative axis

    Go look at the new Manual here:

    You can now export your DNA creations into 2D schemas png pictures:


    This feature is available in the Save and Load menu:


    You can specify the zoom / size factor:


    New Data Systems

    This month has been very busy. There have been a lot of huge improvements behind the scenes to refactor the code, and to consolidate the bases for the next 6 months.

    Internal database
    The game now possess an internal database. It will be used to store various data and statistics, to peed up the game by avoiding disc accesses and computer calculations when possible.

    You can access the ingame database with a lot of free tools, even with Firefox add-ons: it will be great for developers

    Some features were previously impossible, because too slow (they took several seconds to compute). But now, thanks to the database and previoulsy stored data, these computations they take less than half a second.

    Some computations get a 80%-90% gain of time

    I'm using as many open source softwares and technologies as possible, to allow cross-use with softwares created by other people. The database use the SQLite technology, and the SQL datas will be the same than the one which will be used on the central repository to share your level and cards with people from all around the world.

    I based my SQLite manager on the SQLite Unity Kit designed by Busta117 and other people (Poya, Jonathan Derrough and Thomas Olsen).
    Link for credits

    I don't know if SQLite will work correctly on all computers (especially Linux), maybe I will have to put more files or dependencies into the build.

    The way Items are managed has been completely changed. The code was 2 years old and was working like a Paint Software, with brushes and colors.
    Now all items are managed separately, with their own logical and graphical updates. It's now possible for me to add easily special behaviours, linked to various clicks and key pressed.

    File Manager
    The game now uses its own File Manager. This way, all disc accesses are managed the same way, and it opens new possibilities for file virtualization: small files could be stored in the RAM to speed up disc accesses.
    Besides, Unity Web builds cannot read or write files on disc, so a File Manager with file virtualization is a good way to create a work around.

    Minor changes

    Several tiles have been changed, to better reflect their mean or display the way they have to be read.

    • Factory Mode, Choose Level, propose only energy levels

    • Edition, Space shortcut unselects everything instead of selecting Hand / Tweezers
    • Inventory, Stocks, SHIFT+click left to send the crafted item to the tool squares
    • Factory Mode, Playing, shortcut Tab to stop execution and go back to DNA edition
    • Map, Commands, when Middle Click is used to rotate the view, puting the mouse on the edges of the screen no longer move the view
    • Arrow Graph, change referer with shortcut T
    • 2D Edition, Right Click deletes continuously

    • Various folders are automatically created, and can be managed in the code with various parameters.
    • The Cache folder is now inside the data folder, and is composed of several subfolders.
    • The Filming folder has been renamed into "Films". The feature to make films composed from frames should be available in the Second Age "Age of Cubes".

    Bug Corrections

    • Inventory, Toolsquares, correction, BUG : SHIFT + Click on an empty cell no longer launch red errors
    • 2D Edition, Save Load, Correction, BUG : load a 1 layer level from a several layers level edited at the 1+ layer no longer launch errors
    • Tooltip, correction, BUG : the tooltip is hidden when its GUI ancestor is killed, such as by switching between GUIs using shortcut, instead of keeping visible
    • Workshop, Card List, correction, BUG : the selection border is correctly displayed when selecting the same card position on a different page
    • Item, window hovers, cache reset when Game Mode is changed to avoid bad datas
    • Factory Mode, Load DNA, Correction : desactivate Ghost Arrow to avoid glitch
    • PNG Card, write the PNG Card system number version on the card instead of the Game version. This way, new cards can be read by old versions of the game if the data system has not been changed.

    Complete Patchlog

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