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News - 2015 July 09 - new version v00.05.00.10 "Tangelo Dirt" - Playable Puzzle Mode with 50 levels

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Hello Cube Followers,

    The new version v00.05.00.10 "Tangelo Dirt" is available! This is the update with a real game mode you can actually play!
    • a playable Puzzle game mode to learn programmation, with 50 levels and 50 hidden solutions
    • blurred textures glitch corrected
    If you have not subscribe yet to the Alpha, you can still do it here.
    If you have at least the Salmon Dirt B (v00.05.00.07b) version with the new autopatcher, the game will be automatically updated.
    You can also download directly the new version of the game right now:


    A lot of people asked for a playable game mode, and were waiting for some kind of tutorial.
    So I made a Puzzle game mode with 50 levels, as well as 50 hidden solutions (it's a partly open solutions puzzle game).
    This will allow you to learn how to program cubes with the DNA system.

    There are 5 parts, with 10 levels each.

    Part 1 - Directions
    Learn how to use Directions (North, East, etc) to control the Divine Cube.

    Level 01: the Divine Cube moves to the North of the World

    Part 2 - Relative Directions
    Learn to use Relative Directions (Your Right, Your Front), Rotations (Turn to Your Right) and Referers (the roof is now the ground).

    Level 11: the Divine Cube moves to its front, then turn to its right and moves again to its front

    Part 3 - Conditionals
    Learn how to create Conditions, followed by instructions you specified.

    Level 21: the Divine Cube look if there is an obstacle forward: if there is no obstacle, it moves forward, if there is an obstacle, it turns to its right

    Part 4 - Conditionals Low Level
    Learn how to connect Low Level Instructions (such as Detectors) to create custom detections, including long range interactions.

    Level 035: the Divine Cube look if there is a terrain on which it can walk at its bottom front : if there is none, it turns to its right

    Part 5 - Cube Creation
    Learn how to create cube to modify the environment.

    Level 041: the Divine Cube looks below if there is an obstacle, if there is none, it creates a step for the bridge

    There are more explanations ingame with a few tutorial panels:



    Here is an example of a normal solution and secret solution (level 30, so don't worry, you will have 29 levels to learn all the things displayed here):

    Normal Solution

    Secret Solution

    All the 50 levels
    Here are all the 50 levels:


    If you are stuck, or just want to look at animated GIFS, click here to see all the levels solutions:

    Levels list
    Besides the ingame buttons to switch from one level to another, you have a complete list to display all levels:


    You can also display the tutorial again thanks to the top button.

    Winning Screen
    The Winning Screen displays your stats and compare them to solutions found by other players (still Work In Progress):


    It will be a good way to see if there is a better solution than the one you found.

    Next parts
    This game mode is fully playable, but there are still a few parts to be done:
    • opening video
    • endings video
    • online rating system
    • save system (but on the other hand you are free to access any level as you wish)
    • music and sounds
    • and surely a few more levels to ease the difficulty curve
    Once you have finished the 50 levels, you will be ready to take on the Factory Mode.
    If you have feedback to give on any mode, you can do so on the Official Forums (here), 8chan, Reddit, Voat and Facebook (see all feedback links):

    If you are interested to create your own levels, please tell me. I could make some improvements to the ingame editor I created for this mode and make it available to the public.

    High Level DNA

    The DNA Mode makes an heavy use of high level DNAs, so the whole system is now 100% operational.

    2 high level DNAs, Move North (Front of the World) and Detect an Obstacle to its Relative Front

    Subcircuits containing a Detector can now send the result of said Detector up to the higher parts of the DNA.

    The Space Hourglass Pyramid

    Last month creation, a "Space Hourglass Pyramid":

    Inspired by the Isometric Grey Pyramid by K.A. Matlock

    It was mostly a technical test, but I intend to have a few of these big levels somewhere into the Campaign.

    All Energy Cubes
    Energy Cubes Level 04 to 15 have been implemented, so now all Energy Cubes are available:



    I choose basic colors, with a mnemotechnical way to remember them ("O"ne - "W"hite, tw"o" - bl"ue", etc). I ended up with 80s video games colors, at such as the ones used by the ZX Spectrum.


    Here are some examples of art made with those colors to give an idea:

    ZX Spectrum style art by various artists, source

    Minor changes
    • New Start Menu, with a new logo, reorganized sections and full name version:
    It's still temporary art

    • In Creative Mode and Factory Mode, The Small Window Inventory has now more room:

    • In Creative Mode, the stock's part of the Inventory Window is now bigger:

    • Logical Gates, now display a "v" for the YES Gate and a "X" for the NO Gate:

    • Directions have been renamed ("North" instead of "Front"), and all items should follow. Relative Directions keep their name ("Relative Front", etc):

    • Workshop, delete card pop up confirmation, display name instead of complete path:

    • Alive Cubes memorize their face orientation when rolling (even if there are still a few glitches which will be corrected)
    • When switching screens (or levels), Alive Cubes are immediately killed instead of displaying their death animation
    • Ghost shadow is now invisible

    Performance Optimizations
    • Cards, better Memory Management to take far less RAM at launch
    • all GUI elements are now refreshed only when position or dimensions are changed
    • item quantities are recalculated only when needed (and not calculated when not needed)

    Bug Corrections

    • texture, GLITCH, correction : mipmaps desactivated (again) to avoid blur
    • Inventory, GLITCH, correction : stocks numbers are no longer flickering when crafting an item destinated to the toolbar and Toolbar protection is on
    • Creative Mode, Load Last File Pop Up, GLITCH, Correction : buttons are displayed below the check box instead of behind
    • Skybox, GLITCH, correction : switch from the Factory Mode 2D Edition to another mode restore the skybox instead of keeping a dark background
    • Camera Render, GLITCH, correction : very big planets are entirely displayed instead of being partially cut
    • Camera Render, capture, GLITCH, correction : non tiles are taken into account, instead of cutting parts of the rendering

    • Cube Alive, move, BUG, correction : cube put in the back-down range of a world tests only valid coordinates instead of launching red errors
    • Parameters, move, manage Cube Globes, BUG, correction : moving a map will move Cube Globes (subcircuits) and Alive Cubes instead of keeping their old coordinates (doesn't work on Creature yet)
    • Creative Mode, display Energy, BUG, correction : press V will display the Energy levels instead of launching a red error
    • Subcircuits, BUG, correction : a subcircuit after a Logical Gate is no longer activated if this Logical Gate is unactivated

    • Menu, shortcut escape, BUG, correction : using escape will cancel the Menu modes such as the Factory Mode Menu

    Memory Leaks
    • Card Render, Cube Alive, MEMORY LEAK, correction : Cube Alives are now correctly discarded from memory when the Card Render is finished
    • Card, MEMORY LEAK, correction : name is in cache instead of being generated thousands of time by the GUI

    Complete Patchlog

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