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News - 2015 February 13 - new version v00.05.00.05 "Iris Dirt"

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by King_Kadelfek, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    Hello Cube Followers,

    The new version v00.05.00.05 "Iris Dirt" is available!
    • one click-building system
    • cards, better pictures with better zoom on 3D structures
    • no more question marks "?" icons, now true small-size pictures
    • RTS controls for the camera, with arrow keys / WASD and mouse on the edge of the screen controls
    • instantaneous crafting option
    If you have not subscribe yet to the Alpha, you can still do it here.
    If you have at least the Green Dirt (v00.05.00.03) version with the autopatcher, the game will be automatically updated.
    You can also download directly the new version of the game right now:

    The Hand behaviour has changed
    Now use the following controls:
    • Left Click to pick a cube
    • CTRL+Left Click to clone a cube
    • Right Click to drop a cube
    • CTRL+Right Click to drop a clone of a cube

    Videos and Screenshots

    One click building system

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is this version big update, a way to build complete structures with just one click, no matter if it's a 3D structure like a house or a DNA structure you want to paste everywhere.

    You can rotate the Ghost using the "R" key.

    Use the icons next to the preview window to switch between "Build Mode" (to build 3D structures) and "Load Inside Mode" (to load DNA inside a cube) :


    The Build Mode is automatically selected for Pure Energy structures, and the Load Inside Mode is automatically selected for Pure and Mixed DNA structures.
    You can desactivate this automatic option selection by clicking on the selected option.

    The One Click Building System is part of the next age, "Age of Cubes", but this first version is available right now. You can expect many other improvements in the next months.

    Known issues
    • the half transparency is still on work and should be improved
    • rotating DNA parts does not visually rotate blocks individually (but builded cubes are fine)

    Better cards pictures

    Cards have been improved, so their pictures is now bigger thanks to an automatic closer zoom.

    Before and after

    Snow Globes and Snow Globes icons

    There have been a lot of behind the scenes work to replace question marks icons "?" by small pictures of 3D structures.


    These icons are automatically generated for new cards.
    To generate an icon from the actual picture for an already existing card, just click on the icon to display the icon options.


    Please note that the icon system is separate from the picture, so you can edit the icon by editing the file card in an image editor. So when you create a new version of the card, you also have to refresh the icon.

    The game now have RTS controls:
    • WASD / ZQSD / Arrow Keys : scroll the camera
    • Mouse (at the edges of the screen) : scroll the camera
    • Middle Click : camera teleportation
    • Middle Click (drag) : camera rotation
    Camera controls are the same in 3D Edition and 2D Edition (except that there is no camera rotation in 2D Edition).

    As said in the Warning section, Hand controls have changed:
    • Left Click to pick a cube
    • CTRL+Left Click to clone a cube
    • Right Click to drop a cube
    • CTRL+Right Click to drop a clone of a cube
    There is now an "Instantaneous Crafting" option, which allows you to craft anything without waiting or spending anything, and without needing the required resources.


    The toolbar protection (to avoid consumption of items in the toolbar) has a new icon:


    Other Interfaces

    HD Screenshots
    You can make an HD screenshot without GUI at any time by using the F11 key. Later versions will let you parameter the HD screenshots dimensions.

    Pop Up
    Pop Up have an autofocus on the Ok button: just press the Character Return / Enter key to validate the pop up. You can also use the Escape key to cancel the Pop Up.


    The Autoupdater have a bigger window:


    The work have begin on the connection system (so your username will ne used ingame), but there is still a lot of work.

    Behaviour changes

    - Alive Cube no longer consume energy when they move, so cubes will no longer die from exhaustion

    - Card, auto activation only when the genre is known

    - Map Parameters, clear button also clears map name and the card attached to the map in cache

    - Pop Up, message height is automatically set depending to content size

    BUG Corrections

    - 2D Edition, correction, BUG : change dimensions then switch to 3D Edition no longer launch red errors

    - Inventory, Stocks, correction, BUG : maximum number of elements is now of 128 instead of 32, all items will appear

    - Inventory, Hover, correction, BUG : description line returns is correct when a new line begins by an uppercase letter

    - Hand, Correction, BUG : the cube in hand is now invisible when the Inventory Window is displayed

    - Pop Up, correction, BUG : shortcuts from other gui are desactivated when the Pop Up is displayed (press F1 when displaying a pop up will no longer launch the inventory in the background)

    - corrected a small graphic problem with the energy gauge displayed at the wrong place during one frame when launching Creative Mode


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  2. Sykodeus

    Sykodeus Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    About the last update :
    • I can no longer select the items I want from the toolbar with the number keys, which is kind of annoying.
    • Middle click should only rotate the camera, and not move the center of the camera to where you clicked as well.
    • I'm not sure about that, but I think in games with similar camera control (move mouse to the edge to move camera), you have to put your mouse on the pixel at the very edge of the screen, a few pixels away will not work. You might also want to add a change sensitivity option, it feels really slow right now.
    • I'm unsure about what the mouse wheel should do. I would prefer if it was used to zoom, but I understand some people prefer changing items with it. I don't remember seeing a game with both this view and inventory type, so both standard controls are clashing for this option.
  3. King_Kadelfek

    King_Kadelfek Administrator Staff Member Age of DNA - Alpha member

    I reworked the whole shortcut part and mismanaged a copy paste. I will make a fix very fast (you will not have to wait for the next version).

    EDIT: I made the fix. Just launch the game and it will update.

    Yes, and you shold also be able to rotate the camera without clicking on an existing cube. So you would be able to rotate the camera even on an empty scene.
    The camera rotation part needs to be entirely redone. Now that I have made a lot of top priority things, I will spend time on this.

    I put a 16 pixels range (which is big), but I can easily make it shorter.
    About the speed, I have now an Options system to keep track of all customisable variables. I will make an Options panel as well, with a file stored on the computer.
    I will put in the options some of the mini tools at the bottom left, such as the "toolbar protection", the "instantaneous crafting".

    I will make this available in the option panels. So you will be able to choose if the wheel will zoom or change items.
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