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    News - 2017 October 22nd - New levels preview

    Hello Cube Followers, It has been a long time since the last news. The development of the game is still going strong, and I'm getting...

    2017_10_20-IRL_notebook.jpg 2017_10_20-giac_new_levels.png 2017_10_20-IRL_building.jpg 2017_10_20-IRL_cubes.jpg 2017_10_20-IRL_wood.jpg 2017_10_20-lvl-BUI-bridge_double-14h14m40s-King_Kadelfek-First_Steps-v00_00_00_00.gif 2017_10_21-giac_before_after.gif 2017_10_20-lvl-COL-flat_double-15h33m41s-King_Kadelfek-First_Steps-v00_00_00_00b.gif

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    Oct 21, 2017 at 9:51 AM